Credit Score Estimator

Estimate your credit score in about 30 seconds. Just answer a few simple questions about your past credit usage:
1 Have you ever had a credit card or loan?
2 How long ago did you open your first credit card or loan?
3 Have you ever made a late loan or credit card payment?
4 How many new loans or credit cards have you opened or applied for in the past 6 months?
5 In the last five years, have you:
  • Gone through foreclosure or repossession?
  • Had debt go to collection?
  • Made a loan or credit card payment 90 days (or more) late?
6 In the last ten years, have you declared bankruptcy?
7 What is the total credit limit for all your credit cards?
8 What is your total amount of credit card debt?


Credit reports record your payment history on all of your installment loans and credit cards.

Credit scores quickly summarize your creditworthiness on a scale between 300 and 900 based on the data contained in your credit report—the higher your score, the higher your chance of getting the best rates on loans and credit cards.

Banks use credit reports and scores to decide whether to loan money, but your credit information may also be used for apartment rentals, employment screening, and insurance underwriting.

Maintaining a good credit score isn’t difficult. Don’t overextend yourself, but don’t avoid credit altogether. Get a loan and a couple of credit cards and pay the bills religiously.

Check your credit now: Find the right credit monitoring service to start tracking your credit score today.

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